Fashion House

The "Tanya Kotegova" Fashion House was founded in 1991. Clothing from Tanya Kotegova has become not only a symbol of flawless elegance, but it is also a sign of belonging to high strata of the society. They also call Tatiana's creation "The Impersonation of the St. Petersburg style".

The collections of Pret-a-porter de Luxe are created here, using exclusively the best natural fabrics and luxurious lace. The color palette perfectly matches the color of the city — gray, brown, white, muted green and blue. But Kotegova’s favourite is black. The style of the House is absolutely recognizable — it is characterized by intellectuality and subtle erotic overtones, many layers, asymmetry, contrast of translucent and dense fabrics, free cuts, giving the movement freedom, long skirt, pantsuits, playing men's clothes in a women's clothing.

Kotegova is always true to her style, so her outfits are not out of fashion and go through the time. The$nbspdresses of this house are preferred by strong women with outstanding creative abilities. One of the most prominent opera singers, Elena Obraztsova was dressed with the Fashion House. Among the clients are famous actresses, ballet dancers and just bright personalities who prefer elegant style to fashion.


— Designer Tatiana Kotegova became the winner of the contest "Woman of the Year - 2018" in the nomination "Fashion and Beauty Industry".


— Tatiana Kotegova is a member of the Union of Russian Designers. In December 2016 she was awarded the Honorary Badge "For Merits in the Development of Design".


— Council of Public Organizations of St. Petersburg and Moscow, St. Petersburg Opera Theater of Children named after Gaina Vishnevskaya, Public Expert Advisory Council and Foundation for Assistance to the National Projects of the North-West Federal District awarded Tatyana Kotegova the "Medal of St. Peter" for outstanding public activity.


— Tatiana Kotegova was awarded the honorary title of Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Social Sciences.


— Tatiana Kotegova was recognized as the best fashion designer in St. Petersburg and was awarded the main prize "Golden thread". Kotegova was named "The Person of the Year" and became the laureate of the "People of our city" cultural award in the nomination "Fashion designer of the year".